Morning Greetings: 17 August 2021

Good morning friends,

Got up at 6:00am this morning. We left at 7:00am to be in time for breakfast at Matjiesfontein. We drove for 14 km on a dirt road just to be informed that they do not serve breakfast anymore. Very disappointed we walked around for a bit but the flowers were still closed.

Matjiesfontein farmstall
Views from Matjiesfontein Farmstall
Views from Matjiesfontein Farmstall

We did find one that I have never photographed before. Three little farm children also asked if they can sing for me.

We headed back to Nieuwoudtville for some breakfast at Die Nedersetting 1897.

Lucky number 8 for us.
Lovely warm fireplace
Dad’s Breakfast
My Breakfast
My Breakfast

From here we are heading to the Hantam Botanical gardens. Then maybe Wupertal, depending on the road.

Well that is it for now friends.

Wishing everyone a lovely Tuesday.

🤗Big Virtual Hug


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