Willow Shenanigans: 13 August 2021

We have not taken that many photos the past month. It was raining a lot and we did not play outside that much. I hope to take much more photos with my camera of Willow when the days get warmer and we spend some more time outdoors. At the moment most of the photos of Willow is taken with my cellphone.

At the moment I try to take Willow out on drives and we go to Sonstraaldam and walk around the dam a few times.

She loves to go for drives, I cannot open the car door when she is around she gets in and it is a struggle to get her out.

These photos was taken with my cellphone.

Sniff sniff… Mom went shopping without me. I smell treats….
Who went with her…. OOOh I smell Grandpa….
Maybe if I am good she will take me for a drive….
Weekly outing to Sonstraaldam….
I am so curious….
Okay mommy we can go home now. I am tired…

Photos taken on 13 June 2021

Thank you for visiting with me and Willow.

Have a fantastic week.

Coreen & Willow🐾