Morning Greetings: 8 July 2021

Good morning everybody,

Hope you all had a good nights rest. I had a very busy night…. In my dreams that is….

Yesterday I started reading my book, Hero by Rhonda Byrne…. Normally after dinner I would edit some more, but last night my neck and shoulders was aching and I decided to rather switch off the computer and do some reading.

Well, I made many lists in the past while working through The Magic and I am very proud to say that in a years time I did finish at least one thing on my list. But today I am going to take my time and really think about my bucket list. After I have read a few of the books by Don Miguel Ruiz and Rhonda Byrne my priorities changed. A few things on my list will not change at all.

My Bucket list so far

  • Move to Scotland – Doing research on Scotland and surrounding Islands
  • Learn a third language – I am busy with Gaelic
  • Become a Travel and Landscape Photographer – Busy doing a Advanced Module on Travel and Landscape Photography
  • Do a course on how to write articles
  • Do an Advanced Driving Course
  • Fly in a hot air balloon and take lots of photos

According to the weather forecast we are going to freeze our butts off again day. A maximum temperature of 15°C and heavy rain all day long is predicted.

It is freezing outside….
Aloe, A gift from my brother.

On my To-Do List for today:

  • Edit
  • Schedule posts
  • Read the next Chapter of Hero
  • Gaelic Lesson 2 hours
  • Prepare dinner: Making Gammon, Sweet potatoes, Rice and Cauliflower with White Sauce

With all my heart, thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to read my post. I am truly grateful for every view, like, follow, and comment I receive.

May you have a day filled with laughter and love.

🤗Big Virtual Hug


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