Willow Shenanigans: 1 July 2021

Good day friends,

Willow is a bit frustrated today. It has been 4 days since she can roam free. Due to the rain, I had to keep her indoors and only take her outside supervised. She loves water, which makes it hard to keep the house clean and dry.

Willow loves to take mud baths. When she gets a gap, she will go and play in the mud. It is a very messy affair.
I see that it will only be cloudy today Willow and I can go play outside later.

Willow has also found the toilet brush, and she carries it around everywhere. I have to lock the bathroom now. She also found out if you pull on the toilet paper roll it the paper comes with you… I forgot to take a photo of it friends, so sorry.

Poor Willow is very confused today. She is being kept on the other side of the house. She can go to Granddad, but mom is in her office working, and there are unknown men in our home. They are installing the fiber today.

Mommy please can I come inside?
Keeping a eye on mommy.

The following photos were taken on 27 May 2021.

Lying down to eat. I is such hard work standing….
Ball, Stick, Ball, Check. Ready for playing fetch.
Chewing on the palm branch

Photos taken on 24 May 2021

Thank you for visiting with me and Willow.

Have a fantastic week.

Coreen & Willow🐾

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