What’s In My Garden? #290

Greetings from my garden….

Carrot and Beetroot Seedlings (2020/11/19)


“Watching something grow is good for morale. It helps us believe in life.” ~Myron S. Kaufman

Thank you very much for taking the time to join me in exploring our garden.

Till next time, please stay safe and healthy.

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3 thoughts on “What’s In My Garden? #290

  1. i finally got a couple blubs to grow in my back yard then two started to bloom and the flower part just feel off. Have a pot of marrigolds in the same area yet their in a pot purchased with good soil. the soil i planeted the tulip bulbs in lacks nutrients and minerals to normaly grow things, then we are finaly getting april showers and its late june now. on garbage day the men collect bags of refuse of recyclable leaves and branches to use for compose i guess in farm fields as the constant recycling of crops burns out the soil and nothing will grow well, that is where they began using enhanced chemicals to grow normal foods that came up in the news once. we belong to the serria club, they mailed us some trees, i planted them all in a group and their growing yet they don’t get loeaves on them until way late in the season. just planted spearamint that is suppose to help get rid of outside insects that seemed to be building up with climate change and the speramint hadn’t grown yet and had been planted for a long time. the branches on the tree they break off the trees for the same reasons, the tree gets under nurished and the branches break off with no storm at all, i was outside and watched a tree just fall over and there wasn’t any atmospheric activity at all. if i can save up a little bit of money i want to try to buy peet moss and top soil and spread that in the areas and maybe it will help.

    1. Oh my word, Patrick. You surely have bad luck with your garden. Have you tried a liquid fertilizer for potplants? I buy Nitrisol plant food. My mother always used Seagro fish emulsion. When I plant my plants for the first time I wet the soil with it and not just tap water. Every 3 weeks I then water the plants with it until the end of summer. In winter I don’t wet my garden by hand because of all the rain. But as soon as the days get warmer I start with it again. Mint wants sun and the soil must be kept moist. I lost my whole mint garden this summer due to the hot days and the wind. We have to be careful not to use too much water because we get penalized if we do. I have planted my mint in containers again… Will have to find something else to cover the ground under the Bottlebrush tree. Something that does not need much water.

      1. its not an actual garden, its areas around my home and garage ive tried to plant things. your in a dought so you might be interested in looking up NOAA.gov or The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists and find out why you might be in drought or higher heat then normal. the geologic time line of Earth there had been ups and downs in the weather, of course, yet with current conscious thought meaning how human beings evolved on Earth as pretty much in archeology there hadnt been any ancient artifacts found that are nuclear power plants, gas stations, vehicles, or anything like that being a known fact. at one point in time mother nature reacts to how the human race lives on Earth from cutting down rain forrests to polluting the atmosphere, my area is just all unfertile grounds lately one major reason why probably farmers want to collect the branches and leaves of people that clean their yards or mow their lawns to begin making compose for the farm fields. the chemicals you mention are a good idea, i gotta get something growing, i did plant a potato in the ground to see if that would grow and it had.