Morning Greetings: 7 June 2021

Good morning everybody,

Sleep well?

I had a busy night. Woke up at least 3 times during the night. Ogies was moaning and calling all night.

Willow snored the night away…. She did not even came to cuddle this morning…. But she is up now and turning the household upside down.

I had a busy morning so far. Sorted Laundry, fed the four legged children and made sure their water bowls are filled up. I cleaned the yard and started on the laundry. First batch is hanging.

I have a lot to do today on top of my normal household chores. I am still running behind on my edit work. At least I have 2 hours per day spare now that my studies are done.

On my To-Do List for today:

  • Finish Laundry
  • Finish book and upload for printing.
  • Edit
  • Schedule tomorrows posts
  • Prepare dinner
  • Keep Willow occupied
  • Prepare Dinner

According to the weather Forecast we are having a beautiful, partly cloudy, windy day. A maximum temperature of 24°C are predicted. Perfect weather for laundry day…

With all my heart, thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to read my post. I am truly grateful for every view, like, follow, and comment I receive.

May you have a day filled with laughter and love.

🤗Big Virtual Hug


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