Willow Shenanigans: 3 June 2021

Good day Friends,

Willow has been with us for 3 Weeks. Three very busy weeks. She is like a toddler, when you don’t hear her or see her then you must know she is busy with mischief.

Willow has a fattish with plastic bowls, dishcloths, and towels. I have no idea how I will get her to stop.

I can’t go to the bathroom without her. She will open the door if I close it and then she will come and lie by my feet. If she can’t open the door she will sit and cry until I come out.

Her concentration span is very short and she gets distracted very easily. Training takes a bit longer than I am used to but, just like children, pups have their own pace at developing.

Yesterday while I was busy doing the dishes she threw her ball at my feet. We moved the ball playing to the passage next to the house, it’s under a roof and much dryer than outside especially when it is raining. Also no distractions and it stretches the full length of the house. She gets enough exercise while playing here.

Going for walks is also easier. I found a route with minimum dogs and I also started jogging short distances with her. The short distances is more for me though, I am the one who gets tired of jogging….

My biggest problem with Willow is that I don’t have much information about her past. I am trying to find out a bit more about her first 8 months.

These photos was taken on 14 May 2021.

Really Mommy stop taking so many photos….
Hallo my name is Willow….
Ooooh that smells good
What is that smell?
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy…
Playing with my toy… It is hot in the sun going to the shade to chew on my toy.
Is it really mine?
Is it really mine mommy?
I love you….
Mine only mine….
Love chewing
Best toy ever….
Ooooo my gums itches…
Love chewing on sticks
I just love sticks and balls
What’s that sound?????
Hallo birdie…..
What’s that????

Thank you for visiting with me and Willow.

Have a fantastic week.

Coreen & Willow๐Ÿพ

9 thoughts on “Willow Shenanigans: 3 June 2021

  1. Willow is adorable. She and my youngest cat, Pumpkin, both have the same fascination–dishcloths. And, for Pumpkin, sponges. I don’t get it, but if I leave either one on the kitchen counter, Pumpkin is gone off hiding and chewing away. I mentioned this to our vet and he was concerned with her eating too much cloth and blocking her insides. I try to keep a watch on her, but cats are fast! Good luck with Willow.

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