Squared: 23 May 2021

Kelpbaai, Cape Town

Thank you very much for taking the time to have a look at my work.

Stay safe and healthy. Till next time.

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One thought on “Squared: 23 May 2021

  1. you’re very welcome. I’m normally on my medical bed. I can’t sleep well at night due to the injuries I sustained in service that have progressively worsened, yet I’m trying to live my life, and it’s really nice to read things once in a while on WordPress and your writing is impressive. been collecting a few books from garage sales and been trying to rebuild a collection we had that got ruined in a flood amongst many other things, it’s too much to bear really, we we’re trying to build a dream area in our home and it got ruined. i was actually working on things in innovation, one was stolen as intellectual property theft I’m kinda mad about yet had no way in protecting my own rights with my own creative things, same thing happened to my paintings, water logged to a point where they curved and the canvass peeled back on a few of the paintings, threw a number of them away, salvaged a few, many sketches got ruined too and our personal heirloom stuff. its a greivious type of thing, this might be the first time I really claimed on a writer’s form like this yet we needed help. we filed with fema as is was a 08 storm oct 3rd yet the fema guy comes over taking pictures of a basement ceiling in astorm flood case, couldn’t file the case with the homeowner insurance so I we nt with fema yet the man committed the worst kind of fraud right in front of us, happened to my neighbors too in their garages and basements and really no one recovered yet there was adecleration made by the president back then, I cant comprehend why that type of fraud would take place. sometimes, down and out and depressed because I didn’t know places were left unchecked if they were honoring flood claims yet I went as far as filling out a attorney generals claim against fema at the time of a case I filed for only 5 thousand dollars yet a contractor that looked at it stated it was a much higher claim. so all the work I put in, that included a couple manuscripts too, I had in my quiet area in my basement, and its been literal hell trying to seal my outside basement with whatever I could find to stop the water from coming in. neighbor just put aq fence up and was digging post holes and had left over dirt he gave me that was put around the area where the water comes in yet that is a temporary fix to whats really needed. i broke down in tears a few times even outside the fact someone I knew as a teen then on top of it all stolen my social security number and turned nicor gas on ibn my name that was hard to digest that was the same guy that would rob my father electronic repair van for tv repair of a business he owned. I’m sad. spent my time trying to be a good man and make something of myself and bad things occurred, was even hit by a dam car just walking to the store that triggered all my service connected disabilities to be ten times worse,a nd it hurts. i try to think in the sense of well its just human error and stuff, yet theft isn’t human error of things when I was trying to research manufacturers and my own inventions stolen right out from under my feet. man, I thought if I could ha dgot one thing at least as a marketable product on the store shelf for sale it would had made a difference and I could had supported me and my family better yet where are the lawers, where are the people that are suppose to prevent this type of stuff from taking place? there are many problems out there, ya can try to be an advocate for most people and try to say the right things or assist when ya can yet sometimes that doesn’t pay off so well when your in sever dire need yourself just to make ends meet and or make a life for yourself. my emotional baggage is too much for me to try to curb every last thing I say every last minute of the day in public, it really is, if there was resolve of my main complains way back then I would of had confidence and wouldn’t be writing this today, if probably just be writing your a great authors and artists and your work is really good of which it is anyway,. listen, I know you don’t want to hear my complaints, yet its good to write about stuff anyways. kinda helps to read where things went wrong, not related to anyone I currently know ie my family here at home or even my neighbors. prior my injury me and my neighbors was trying to help the city after sever storms without own yard tools do to they need help too like to repair the bridge and help with other things, the mayor is really cool guy, everyone seems to like him and everyone had been doing their part as we as new people had to work as community lately many times to help. anyway, thank you for reading my land drawnout issue. too, my brain hurts a lot lately and its hard to focus at times, though thanks. Patrick