Willow Shenanigans: 20 May 2021

Good day everyone,

When I adopted Willow a week ago I never thought that she would settle in so easily.

I am very happy to report that she is now the queen of the castle. She has every one wrapped around her paw.

She loves sleeping under my desk. She is a very busy girl and I have to do as much work as I can while she is sleeping. Since the photos was taken we Willowfied the area under the desk. Don’t want her chewing on the power cords.

Best place ever….
Oooh I am so tired…. Being curious is hard work.
This is my spot. At Mom’s feet while she is working.
Willowfied under the desk
Loves sleeping at Mom’s feet

The first day she made herself at home on Lian’s bed. She also spend her first night with him.

When I tell her no, when she is doing something wrong she runs to his room. Big brother will protect me…

Making herself at home on Lian’s bed.
Keeping Lian company while he is working.
Just love sleeping
“Brrr it is cold so Lian shared his blanket with me. “

Since day one she found her way outside on her own. She loves playing with her toys. I am busy teaching her to bring the ball to me. It takes time but one of these days we will play fetch. I think she is afraid I won’t throw it or stop playing with her when I ask for the ball.

Love Exploring the garden.
It’s my toy…
Chewing on my toy
Love playing with sticks.
Love playing with a stick….

She loves playing with plastic bottles. Just like Ruby did. I first saw her stealing the bottle from the laundry room. I took it from her and gave it to her a day later when she sniffed it. I want to teach her to ask for things not just take.

Keeping myself busy with an empty plastic bottle.

She loves visiting her new grandfather. When she hears him she will sit at the gate and moan. If I don’t come she’ll come and moan next to me. That is my q to take a coffee break, so that we can go visit for a while.

I love visiting grandpa, he always gives me treats…

When we watch TV she is on the couch with us. Some nights even Shadow will come and join us.

Shadow on my right and Willow on my left
“That program is boring I’ll rather sleep.”
The best place in the world next to my mommy.
Resting my head on mommies leg. That’s life….

She slept with us on the bed for 2 nights, but I think I am to restless for her liking. She will jump off and go sleep on her blanket on the couch. She don’t like the dog bed at all. She likes to sleep all stretched out, and then she doesn’t fit in the bed. Maybe she will use it when she is older.

Willow and all the other pets are getting along great. It is just Shadow that needs to warm up to her. But they are eating in the same room, and sometimes they are close enough so that I can stroke both of them at the same time. We are making progress slowly but surely.

Willow loves chewing on anything she can carry in her mouth. She loves water and put her paws in the water bowl when she drinks. She has a thing for eggshells.

Well that’s it for now friends. I will keep you updated.

Please pardon the quality of some of the photos. I took it with my phone and did not always have the time to finetune the settings. Just had to snap to get the moment.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look at my post.

Have a wonderful day.

🤗Big Virtual Hug


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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I will try to update you weekly like I did with Ruby. She loves exploring and oh today I found out she like water on the ground or on her, not in any type of container.🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️