Shadow VS Willow

At first Shadow was affraid of Willow. The first evening we managed to get Shadow and Willow on the couch. Both sleeping. The same last night. I was so proud of the two.

I was very surprised to see Shadow sleeping on the couch during the night, while Willow slept on the bed.

During the night something changed, this mirning Shadow had so much confidence and for the first time he hissed and growl at Willow.

Now the roles has changed. Willow is very cautious of Shadow. Shadow hiss at Willow and then Willow retreats. Shadow sit on the corners of the furniture and as soon as Willow wants to pass he hiss and growl.

I do hope they sort out their differences because both are loved. Both of them like to play and if they can just get along they will realize it.

So  we are keeping our fingers crossed.