R.I.P Buddy…

Today I had to say goodbye to a very good companion. He gave us 15 Years of his life, always happy to see us and giving comfort when we needed it.

15 Years ago we got Buddy as a present for my mother, well that was the original plan. But as everything goes in my life I change my mind just as quick as the wind changes direction.

One look into his eyes and one lick over the face and I was in love with him. I named him Buddy and that was it. We got another puppy for Mom. Buddy was mine.

The children loved him and he was always making sure he gave us lots of love.

Buddy Thank You for all the love. I will miss you greatly. Every time I go to the bathroom and you can’t wiggle your way inside and sits and moans by the door. Your head through the arm of the chair to get a pat while I am busy working. All the cuddles in the mornings. Always by my side every where I go.

R.I.P Buddy…..

Always in my heart.

43 thoughts on “R.I.P Buddy…

  1. Never easy, is it Coreen…. Hugs and condolences on the end of a dear pet’s life. Even though 15 is a good, long life for a dog, it just means you had that much time to forever bond with Buddy. More hugs.,

  2. I’m so sorry, Coreen, for your loss of Buddy. Losing a canine friend, especially one as loyal and loving as Buddy apparently was, is hard to deal with. But I know that his memories will bring you many smiles and continued joy in times to come!

  3. Aww Coreen this is such sad news and I know its no consolation, but he looks very tired in the pictures and I only hope he was not in pain. He is irreplaceable I’m sure, but another little Buddy will come along and your pain will be eased. Blessings Peter