Good Morning: 7 April 2021

Good morning everyone,

Hope you all had a better night than me.

Between snoring and Buddy walking around and bumping into stuff I did not sleep much. I got up early and went back to bed and tried to sleep for a hour, but the cats had other plans. Needless to say I am not feeling so good and short tempered.

I went to the supermarket and the pharmacy for my medicine when the lady at the counter told me that another branch already made up my medicine. All this after I told them I do not want my medication to be made up monthly. I will go to the nearest pharmacy at my convenience and get my medication when I have to. Now because one person can’t understand English or do as they were told, I have to drive to them and sort this out. Wasting my time and petrol. 🤬

According to the weather forecast we are having a beautiful day. 27°C with wind.

On my To-Do List for today.

  • Go to Cape Gate to sort out medication
  • Try not to kill pharmacist for waisting my time.
  • Study
  • Start on Assignment
  • Prepare dinner

Thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to look at my post.

Have a fabulous day.