My Baby Blue Hydrangea is not giving me blue flowers anymore. Whats up with that?

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  1. It’s the soil. Check out what the blue ones need and add it to your soil. I hope you can get the blue back in yours.

    I had a blue one for years and years at my old house. I miss it. They and Peonies are my favorite blossoms.

    1. I also love Hydrangeas. Grew up with them in my Grandmother’s garden. I will leave them for now. Will buy a new plant and rather put it in a big pot so that I can control the pH.😊🌸

  2. A change in the pH of your soil, likely. Blooms are usually either pink (alkaline soil) or blue (acidic soil) depending on the pH. You can alter it, but it’s best to let nature take it’s course.

  3. We always used to put rusty nails around the base lightly dug in to change the ph 😊

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