Good Morning: 21 March 2021

Good morning friends,

What an eventful morning I had so far. Woke up just before 6:00am.

As you all know I was supposed to have a photo shoot yesterday afternoon, but the wind made it very unpleasant. We rescheduled the shoot for this morning and we went to The Majic Forest instead.

For the first time in the 12 years that I have been doing photoshoots, a accident happened. The blanket I use for shoots rolled down the hill into the dam. The eldest son tried to stop it and slipped in slow motion into the dam. I froze with shock. I felt so guilty that he tried to save the blanket. He was a real sport about it and said he will never forget this shoot. I think that will make two of us.

I made a decision a few years back that I will try not to book shoots on a Sunday. I need 1 day a week not working and forgetting about my technology. But in certain circumstances I will bend the rules.

It us going ti be hot today. 29°C. The rest of the day I am spending indoors.

Have a fabulous day.


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