Good Morning: 7 Maart 2021

Good morning friends,

How are things on your end? Hope you are all feeling fantastic and are enjoying your weekend.

I had another rough night with Buddy.  I overslept this morning and only woke up around 8:50am. Dad is supposed to have his breakfast at 9:00am.

Just now I saw that yesterday’s Good Morning post did not publish. This has been happening a lot these days. I normally do it from my phone. So I posted it just now.

It is a lovely day in the garden. It is only going to be 20°C with wind.

Korean Mint flowering

I am sitting in the garden playing with my 70-300mm lens. I never use it but this morning I decided to take it for a spin again. I am shooting with my remote today.

Today I am taking it easy. Relaxing, taking photos and reading….

I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

🤗Big Virtual Hug.


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