Good Morning: 23 February 2021

Good morning friends,

It is a beautiful morning here in my garden with a cool breeze. According to the weather forecast it is going to be 24 °C.

Flowering Yukka

I woke up this morning feeling tired. Buddy my Fox Terrier was very restless during the night. Around 4:40am this morning he started walking up and down. He goes outside then turn around and come inside again. He has 2 beds in the room. One by the door and the other one next to my bed. He keeps bumping into the furniture and every time I put on my light so that he can get to his bed. Not long after I switch off the light he gets out of bed and start walking around.

He is getting old and I know it is time for him to join his brother and Ruby, but it hurts so much just thinking about it.

On my To-Do List for today:

  • Take dad to renew the car license.
  • Take dad to the bank.
  • Edit
  • Read my few pages for my Gratitude. Love. Positivity post.
  • Cook dinner.

Well I am going to start my day now. Thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to look at my post.

Have a fabulous day.


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