Good morning: 21 February 2021

Good morning everyone,

How are you doing today?

I had the weirdest dream. I was somewhere in a country with beautiful beaches and old buildings. In the streets there were cars and big wooden “platforms” with 3 people pedaling, one person stearing, and one shouting directions and when to start braking or turning. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. On the platform their was people sitting with colorful bags and baskets of groceries.

Then one of these contraptions was heading straight for me. It was empty just the 5 guy’s operating it. I remember a green shoe heading my way and hit me on the shoulder. I started laughing. The man stearing apologized and was worried I got hurt. I explained I was fine only the shoe hit my shoulder. I woke up with one hell of a pain in my left arm and my arm was needles an pins for a while.

Do you know of any countries with contraptions like that. I can’t remember if I saw something like that on the tv.

It is a beautiful cool morning. We had some rain during the night. Very happy and grateful for the rain. The grass needed it.

According to the weather forecast it is going to be a cool day. 22°C according to the weather forecast. I love this weather.

Today we are assembling the pies. I just hope I made enough dough.

Have a beautiful day.