Most precious gift from Dad

Since my Dad doesn’t drive anymore (his choice) and Lockdown also contributing to him staying home he could not go and buy me a gift for my birthday. To make it easier he gave me money for my birthday and told me to buy myself the flower book I wanted so badly. There was still money left over so I bought myself another book by Rhonda Byrne now my collection is complete.

When I ordered it they said delivery will only be 23 February 2021. I was not disappointed at all, I was just too grateful that they had stock again. When I wanted to order it in November 2020 they were out of stock. But it was still on my Wishlist.
Yesterday I got a message to say that my books will be delivered today. I was super excited. This morning I was like a child waiting to open her presents.

When I received my package I took the books to my dad to show him. He wanted to look through it. Since I was small and my parents gave me a book they would write a message inside.
When dad gave me my books back he wrote messages in both. But this one made me cry.

I am so grateful to still have my Dad with me.


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