Good Morning: 6 February 2021

Good morning friends,

Today I am posting from my Kitchen Table.

Enjoying my coffee and Shadow’s company
Shadow very alert this morning.

Woke up this morning feeling great. Ready to concur the world.

To kick of my day we made sure we are at Meat Only just after they opened. They have great prices on pork.

Back at home and it feels like a bus hit me. Maybe I must ease myself into my daily routine. I had no idea that 5 days of bed rest can lead to being so out of shape.

Doctor said that 14 days after I have finished my antibiotics I can start exercising again. To be honest I have been slipping on my exercise routine. The past 3 months I have only been on the treadmill once🤦🏻‍♀️.

It’s a beautiful morning, according to the weather forecast we are having another hot day, 29°C. We are use to it. I love all seasons but my favorites are Autumn and Spring. It is much easier on my garden.

On my To-Do List for today. I am just going to sit and edit for a while. I will start posting from my desk on Monday again.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


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