Summer in the garden…

The heat and wind are killing my garden.

With the price we pay for water I cannot maintain our grass and it is turning yellow. I feel like crying. Up to a month ago the grass was still green and soft. Now it look like it is going to die…

We try to save water wherever we can so that I can at least water the garden properly once a week. But with the scorching days and the warm wind that is not enough.

If anybody have some advice, how I can save our grass I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to look at my post.


4 thoughts on “Summer in the garden…

  1. Here in Florida where the sun can be pretty intense, a lot of people are trying to eliminate their grass yard. More heat resistant plants in groups, or landscaping with rocks/stones instead of grass. Maybe some landscapers can help with more/better ideas.

  2. My advice is to ditch the lawn, which is a temperate-climate fashion choice unsuited to your climate. It can be done beautifully, trust me! Kris Peterson lives in S.California, a climate similar to yours and after years of drought, dug up her lawn and replaced it with a xerophytic garden. She did it in stages and I’m sure would be happy to advise you.