Good Morning: 5 February 2021

Good morning friends.

Last day posting from my bed,hip hip hooray.

What I can see from my bedroom window it is going to be another beautiful day. According to my Weather App it’s going to be around 28 °C.

View from bedroom window

I woke up a bit irritated this morning. My back is sore. I think it is of all the lying and sitting in bed and on the couch. The only times I get up is when I want to go to the bathroom or the kitchen.

On my to do list for today. Relax,color some more, binge watch home renovation programs, and read.

Thank you for your continued support. I am very grateful for every like, comment and follow.

Have a fantastic day. Filled with laughter and gratitude.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning: 5 February 2021

  1. Coreen, good to hear that your bedrest is almost finished. Your view from your bedroom window is beautiful. Very different from subarctic Alaska, which is minus 30 F (-34 C), snow covered–looks beautiful but chilly.