Good Morning: 31 January 2021

Good morning friends,

Well in a few hours January 2021 will be something in the past. I can’t believe how quickly it went by.

Since I have been more active on my website it’s like my days have less hours. I enjoy looking at other photographers photos and reading the posts and poems. Thank you, for sharing your thoughts and photos with us.

I went outside this morning to feed the birds, Shadow was waiting on our chair for me. I had to disappoint him this morning. There is a light drizzle and I would love to do my quiet time outside but I don’t want my Bible and books to get wet. So today we are indoors again.

Dad’s garden

According to my Weather App it’s going to be 24°C and we can expect light rain throughout the day.

I am very grateful for the rain. The levels of our dams going down fast. I have also loosen the reins on saving water the past 2 months, but this stops today. I will go back to watering garden with my watering can.

It is take it easy day and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Have a Blessed Sunday friends.


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