Good Morning: 22 January 2021

Good morning friends,

Hope you had a peaceful nights rest. I slept like a good baby only woke up once during the night.

Well today is going to be another very hot day. 39°C and no wind.

I feel for my garden. I know it needs sun and a bit of heat…. My sunflowers looks like they are in a bad place at the moment.

Yesterday around 3pm it was overcast and the cooled down a lot. The air was wet but it was not really raining because the ground was dry. Difficult to explain. It reminded me of Cradock. Every afternoon for a hour or two there was thunderstorms and sometimes big drops of rain. Just as fast as it started it was over.

What’s on your agenda for today. I have another busy one. Write posts, edit, water the garden and I have to take some photos of the garden. But with this heat everything looks like they are to tired to go on….

Sunflower not looking good😢
This one though looks happy.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone. Keep safe and healthy.


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