Good Morning: 19 January 2021

Good morning to my blogging community,

I hope you slept well and that you are ready for today.

It is a beautiful morning and there is a cool breeze. Today it will be a bit cooler than yesterday. According to my weather App it will be approximately 24°C.

My day is going to be another busy one. Dad is going to the hospital today for his annual colonoscopy and gastroscopy to ensure everything is still 100%. In 2010 they removed a large piece of his colon due to cancer. He has been clean since the operation and I believe that todays tests wont be any different. While they are doing the tests I am going to take the time and go do our monthly shopping. I asked Dad what he would like for supper tonight and he said Spaghettis and savory mince. As soon as I am done with the shopping I will start with supper. Dad will be starving when he gets back. He had his last meal yesterday around 1:00pm.

Day 6 of my 28 Days of Gratitude

Todays activity is all about your work or job. Even if you are not in your ideal work environment or you don’t have your dream job yet you must always be grateful. I know and I talk out of experience. When you are not grateful and only have negative thoughts and feelings it only gets worst. As soon as you realize how blessed you are to have a job, colleagues and equipment to do your job, you will start see the things changes around you. You will become happier.

Today while at work imagine you have a invisible Gratitude manager following you around. You must try to find as many things big or small that you are grateful for in your work. Your invisible manager will write down all the things you are grateful for as soon as you say. “I am so grateful for what

I work from home and my office for the day is where ever I am taking photos that day. Here are just a few things I am grateful for in my work.

“I am so grateful that I can work from home. I am so grateful that I have internet access to do my research. I am so grateful I have all the camera gear I need to do my job. I am so grateful I have a small yet functional home studio setup.”

I am adding today’s activity to my daily gratitude routine.

  1. Count your blessings: Make a list of 10 blessings. Write why you’re grateful for each blessing. Reread your list and say “thank you, thank you, thank you” Feeling gratitude for each blessing.
  2. Identify 2 relationships and write 5 things you are grateful for in the person. It can be a family member, a friend, a colleague even a pet. During the day say “Thank you, name.”
  3. Say thank your for your different body parts, organs and your senses. Be grateful for each of them.
  4. Four times a day read the words on the card slowly and be grateful for your health. (THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE.)
  5. Four times or more a day look at your Magic Bill and be grateful for the abundance of money you have been given in your life. (THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I’VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.)
  6. While at work, look for things to be grateful for. Say to yourself. ‘I am so grateful for ……….’
  7. Before going to bed, take your magic rock/gratitude rock in your hand and think about all the things to be grateful for that happened the day and say Thank you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to read my post.


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