Good Morning: 11 January 2021

Good morning everyone

What a beautiful morning here in my garden in South Africa. Only a light breeze. The weather forecast on the radio said its going to 31 degrees Celsius today…

Well I hope you had a peaceful nights sleep and is ready to face the day and week.

I woke up extra early this morning and after I had my first cup of coffee I swept the house, filled up the birds waterbowls and the feeders in the garden.

Had my quiet time with my Heavenly Father in the garden again this morning. I am so grateful that I have a beautiful garden and that I can sit and listen to all the birds and traffic going by. I wish everyone who passes my home a wonderful Monday.

It is going to be a busy day for me. Laundry day and I have to do some editing. Then I must also try to come up with something for dinner…. This morning I draw a blank…. But I still have some time to decide.

Well let the day begin. Have a fabulous Monday everyone, and if you are on your way to bed have a peaceful nights rest.



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