November Rain…

Good day everyone,

How can anyone complain about a few rainy days in November? It blows my mind.

A year ago we had a drought and water restrictions. Everybody prayed for rain and our prayers was answered. Our dams are full and since 1 November 2020 water restrictions was lifted.

I am grateful for every drop of water mother nature gives us. My grass are greener, my plants and trees are happy. I get so irritated no more mad when people moan about the rain. How can they be so ungrateful? If we have a drought again I am blaming all the ungrateful people.

In our household we still save water. For 3 years we have been doing it and I don’t see the point stop now.

November Rain…
I am so grateful for the rain.
Listen to the November Rain

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Have a Blessed Sunday.


2 thoughts on “November Rain…

  1. Do you mean my post writing about the rain? I love the rain and have always enjoyed it, but some rainy days it’s wisest to stay inside so you don’t catch the flu. I enjoy all the weather except if it’s slippery and the freezing wind in winter, everything else is fine.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Good day Taina, No I did not talk about your post. I was aiming it to those ungrateful people on my facebook and who moaned on their WhatsApp status. A few months back they shared loads of posts to please join in prayer at certain times so that we can pray for rain. Now that we get enough rain to keep our dams full they moan. I just can’t understand them.
      Have a great day.