Throwback Thursday: 5 November 2020

Today we go back to 9 September 2013 and continue on our Tour de Sanparks. We left Kamieskroon and are on our way to Namaqua National Park.

The road was in bad shape and, I think my car’s body was begging for us to get off it. Dad joked about it, but when we stopped, he was the first one to walk around the car to make sure that everything is still in place and that the tires are not damaged.

The landscapes and flowers on route to the Namaqua National Park were spectacular.

Orange as far as the eye can see….

Pelargonium lobatum, Malva, Kaneelbol
Pelargonium lobatum, Malva, Kaneelbol
Ursinia cakilefolia, Glansoogbergmagriet
Ursinia cakilefolia, Glansoogbergmagriet
Gazania rigida, Rooigousblom
Laperousia Silenoids, Meidestert
Dad capturing the beautiful flowers
Conicosia elongata, Karoovetkousie
Eriocephalus africanus, Wild rosemary, Kapokbossie
Moraea bifida, Goldblatt, Pienktulp

That’s it for now, friends. Thank you very much for traveling back in time with me.

Have a fabulous day. 

Keep safe and healthy.


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