What’s in My Garden? #49

Good day everyone,

I can’t believe it’s November already.

Yesterday my fiancé and I worked in the garden. Cleaning out the weeds and trimmed the Pepper tree on the sidewalk messing in my garden.

Operation clean up.

Last year I bought myself a Strawberries and Cream Hydrangea. When I got it it looked great and then the leaves started hanging. I thought it was the stress of the replant and it was going to die. Then in August it started giving new leaves. A Few weeks back I bought a Baby Blue Hydrangea and it started doing the same. I started to monitor my Hydrangeas and came to the conclusion it was the sun burning the leaves.

Today I relocated my Hydrangeas to a more shadier part of the garden. I hope they are happy in their new spot.

New location
Strawberry and Cream Hydrangea and Baby Blue Hydrangea replanted.
Baby Blue Hydrangea
Baby Blue Hydrangea

Have a Blessed day.


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