Throwback Thursday: 29 October 2020

Good morning,

Today we go back to 9 September 2013 and continue on our Tour de Sanparks. We are revisiting Kamieskroon, a small town lying in the foothills of the Kamiesberge. It is more or less in the center of the Namaqualand and roughly 70 km from Springbok. 20 km from Kamieskroon lies the beautiful Namaqua National Park.

Welcome to Kamieskroon

Kamieskroon was founded in 1924 when the Dutch Reformed Church bought the land to relocate from Bowesdorp. Due to a shortage of water and not enough land for the town to grow. Kamieskroon lies at the foot of the “Kroon” (Crown), a small koppie that resembles the crown of a king and is near Sneeukop, the second highest peak in Namaqualand. Also located close to Kamieskroon is Boesmankop, a mountain that resembles a Boesman (Bushman or San) lying on his back. Between 1969 and 2003, it was a military base housing two Armored Squadrons equipped with Ratel-90 and four Companies of SA 9th Light Infantry Regiment.

I love capturing beautiful churches in our country. They don’t build them with character anymore.

Dutch Reformed Church

We visited the Kliphuis kombuis, a restaurant/ farmstall, for something to eat and drink before we head to Namaqua National park. Everywhere you looked, there were some upcycled things to see. I loved those gigantic dolls.

Kliphuis Kombuis from the Dutch Reformed Church
Kliphuis Kombuis Entrance
Pink Bicycle as decor
Don’t let yesterday use up today…
Kliphuis Kombuis
Entrance of Kliphuis kombuis
Dutch Reformed Church from the gate of Kliphuis Kombuis Restaurant
Mr Scarecrow
His and hers outside bathrooms

That’s it for now, friends. Thank you very much for traveling back in time with me.

Have a fabulous day. 

Keep safe and healthy.


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