What’s in My Garden? #40

Southern Masked-Weaver’s Nest

Southern Masked-Weaver’s Nest
Southern Masked-Weaver’s Nest

Thank you very much for taking the time to join me in exploring our garden.

Till next time, please stay safe and healthy. Have a fabulous day.


” A garden should be in a constant state of fluid change, expansion, experiment, adventure; above all, it should be an inquisitive, loving, but self-critical journey on the part of its owner.”   ~HE Bates

6 thoughts on “What’s in My Garden? #40

  1. WOW! At first I thought that it was handmade… But to learn that it was made by a bird! Fascinated me. This is so beautiful and amazing. I made a post for this and I shared your link too. Thank you dear Coreen, Love, nia