My Affirmation for today: 26 September

“I know gratitude is a daily choice and I choose to be grateful.”

8 thoughts on “My Affirmation for today: 26 September

    1. Love your blog and I love animals.
      I lost my third German Shepard this year. My first one Simba was a wedding gift from a friend to keep me company while my husband had to work away from home. We did everything together. Later we got Sasha who loved to jump and she injured her back and got paralyzed so I had to put her down. Not long after that Simba was put down due to old age and he was suffering. In between, I had small dogs and in 2013 my then still husband got Ruby as a gift from one of his colleagues. He was never around so Ruby and I bonded and got very close. During my divorce, she licked away my tears and comforted me. We played ball every day till 4 May 2020 when she just looked at the ball and went back to her bed. I took her to the vet first they said it was inflammation, then arthritis. Every day she got weaker and weaker, after 2 MRIs, x-rays, and blood tests they still said it’s inflammation. Then on Sunday 31 May 2020 I rushed to the emergency room with her. She was paralyzed and did not eat or drink. The following morning they phoned me and said they found a Tumor and cancer has spread they can not do anything for her anymore. I still cry when I go outside and she is not following me with her ball. She loved to play with soda bottles now when I throw one away it’s like something breaks inside me.

      1. German Shepherds are magnificent dogs and you write so lovingly about your three. I could say so much more but, listen, how about writing a guest post for Learning from Dogs. Can be about anything. And it will be better with two or three photographs (those should be easy) and it would be good to have a short bio as well. What do you think?