Flower of the day: 5 September 2020

My flower of the day is the Namakwagousblom of Arctotis fastuosa . I took these photos in 2013 on a “Flower and Sanparks Roadtrip”. My parents and I planned about a year for this trip and I am very happy I could drive them. They enjoyed it and so did I. I love spending time with my parents.

Over the past few months I have been very emotional and miss my mother extremely. Dad has also not been himself since end of May and he is just getting worst. I am trying my best to stay positive and send out positive vibes out in the universe, but some days like today I just want to curl up and cry. Then I go through my archives and remember the good days and that seems to help a little.

Arctotis fastuosa Namakwagousblom
Arctotis fastuosa Namakwagousblom
FOTD by Cee

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