Good day everyone,

Hope you are all still doing well. I have a huge favor to ask. If you are registered on Agora please go and vote for my photo.

This photo brings back so many good memories of travels with my late Mother.

A bit about this photo. I took in in July 2015 while my parents, the boys and I were on holiday in Pilanesberg National Park. This particular day I stopped at a water hole capturing Elephants drinking water. Then all of a sudden Mom started screaming I must move the car the Elephants are going to trample us. The kids thought it was a joke and could not stop laughing at their Grand Mother. I turned hanged out of the car and captured the Elephants while they approached the car.

Last Friday I got an email from Agora saying that this photo was selected for the top 50 of the Best Of The Week 10 competition.

If you are not registered on Agora and are a keen photographer feel free to register and vote. It’s free and you don’t have to participate in the competitions if you don’t want to. This site is not just for professionals and everybody can display their photos it must however abide to their rules.