Never to old to learn something new.

I was always proud to say I am a self-taught photographer. Since I started my journey as a photographer in 2009 I have watched countless YouTube videos to help me and read a lot of articles on different types of photography, how to edit and marketing.

I subscribed to Creative Life and sat through many nights of online workshops. I also bought a few workshops for myself and I am still using them. I took hundreds and thousands of photos up to now, overcome many obstacles, and improvised when I was in difficult situations.

When I started looking for a job at a studio nobody would give me the credit for all the hard work I put in myself. All that they wanted was a piece of paper to prove that I can call myself a professional photographer.

This affected my self-esteem, I started thinking I do not know what I am doing. After feeling sorry for myself I started looking at different online courses and I enrolled with The Photography Institute.

Up to now, I have learned a lot and I am very glad I did enroll. I am also very happy to say that I am doing great in my assignments and that I did not waste my time reading all those articles and watching all those videos and tutorials

I fell a bit behind with Covid 19 lockdown but this is not going to stop me. I will finish this course before the end of September 2020 as I planned. Even if this means studying full time every day until my last module….

I can’t wait to hang my diploma on my wall. Then I can also tick Photography Diploma off my Bucket list…..

Till next time, stay safe.


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

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