13 August 2019: Day 3 of our Grand Tour of Scotland: Part 8

Good day everyone

Hope you are all still healthy and staying safe.

Let’s continue on our drive through Scotland. Our next stop was Ruby bay. I heard that this beautiful bay won the Keep Scotland Beautiful Beach Award in 2018.

When we stopped in the parking lot I saw the beautiful beach and can understand why they won. It is truly beautiful.

The wind was cold and dad decided to rather stay in the car while I went to capture all Ruby bay has to offer.

Ruby Bay: A Gem of a Beach indeed
Ruby bay with the lighthouse in the background
Ruby bay beach

My first stop was the Lady Tower. The wind was freezing cold but after a while walking I got nice and warm. The views leading up to the Lady Tower was beautiful.

Before I could go into the Lady Tower I had to wait for a couple deeply in love to finish up their “photo shoot” There was water inside the tower and I had to be careful not to step into the water.

Views on route to Lady Tower
Views on route to Lady Tower
Path towards Lady Tower
Lady Tower
Lady Tower
View from inside the Lady Tower
Beautiful Rock patterns inside the Lady Tower
From inside the Lady Tower

From the Lady Tower I headed towards the Elie Ness lighthouse. The path was slippery and I nearly landed with my face in the mud.

Elie Ness Lighthouse
View of Bass Rock
View of Berwick Law
Elie Ness Lighthouse
Elie Ness Lighthouse
Elie Ness Lighthouse

After walking around the Lighthouse I headed back to the car.

View of Elie

Our next stop was a quick one we headed to the Ruins of the once beautiful Newark Castle. Due to limited time I did not go and explore.

Ruins of Newark Castle on Coastal Path
Ruins of Newark Castle on Coastal Path
Ruins of Newark Castle on Coastal Path

Well it was getting late and we still had 2 stops before we could call it a day and we still had to stop for supper. Up next we will be visiting St Monans.

Thank you for joining us on our Grand Tour of Scotland.

Till next time. Stay safe….


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

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