Friendly Friday Weekly Challenge – The Colour Pink

This will be my first challenge I do since…….. Oh my word I can’t even remember when last I took part in challenges. In the beginning of June I decided that something needs to change so I made myself a Bullet Journal and have give myself some daily goals to complete. I think this way I will get my creative side also working again.

I love pink and purple, but not on myself. In my garden I would love different shades of pink and purple. I have noticed that most of my flower photography though is of purple flowers…. So maybe I lean more towards purple…. Not that I really care. Both colours are so beautiful in nature and who can go against Mother nature….

I love Hydrangeas and when dad and I visited Scotland I just could not get enough photo’s of these beauties.

Pink Hydrangea
Pink and White Hydrangea
Deep Pink Hydrangea

The next photo I took while my sister in law and I went for a one night break away. This vase with shades of pink Cosmos flowers was on a table opposite my bed.

Shades of Pink Cosmos

This one is for those of us who just love both Pink and Purple….. Mother Nature surely knows what colours go perfectly together…. I don’t know the name of these beautiful flowers, but one of my Instagram followers told me they look like dancing ladies….. So that is what I will call them in the mean time.

Dancing Ladies

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Thank you Something to Ponder About for this awesome challenge. Looking forward to many more to come.

Till next time, stay safe….


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

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