Grand Tour of Scotland 12 August 2019: Day 2 – Exploring Edinburgh

Good evening everyone,Today Dad and I walked 21 kilometers in total….Sorry I did not post last night but we only got to the guest house just before midnight. We where tired and cold.I did not take a lot of photos with my phone due to the fact that we had to fit in the previous days route also. When we got to the Royal Mile we could not even walk up to the castle. Royal mile was closed for a festival so we decided to do it the day we return to Edinburgh.Also dad had a hard time with all the steps and uphills. So we had to take it slow. More about our day when I post my edited photos. Here are just some random photos.

Oats with honey
Bacon, sausage, egg and toast for Dad
Pancake with bacon, banana and syrup for me
Eleven o’clock tea
All the photos were taken with my Huawei P10 phone.Thank you for taking the time to discover Scotland with us.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

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