50 Days!!!

Oh my word today only 50 days left before Dad and I fly to Scotland.

On Wednesday we applied and submitted al our documents for our UK visas. I am a bit nervous. I have heard stories of 3 different people that had applied and 3 months later still no passport at the Visa offices. The one lady had a flight for 13h00 and by 10h00 she still did not have her passport and visa….

On the notice boards and website it says 15 days…. I pray that ours will go smoothly….

I spend about 6 weeks researching all the places we would like to go and explore. Now I have a huge but exciting task ahead of me. Working out our route from town to town including all our stops and also allowing time for some extra stops not on our list. According to my research it only gets dark late at night that suits me perfectly. More time to capture the different sights. I hope to finish this over the next two weekends…

We are super excited about our holiday in Scotland. Can’t wait…

“If you can dream it you can do.” Walt Disney