Mondays are Trash days….

Today is Monday… Trash day…. Also a public holiday so I kind of forgot about it… Slept a bit later than usual and while doing my daily morning routine of cleaning and sweeping I remembered about the trash…

Luckily for me everybody is running a little late this morning and I got my trash out in time….

While walking inside I saw a bird in my Yellowood tree. I did not recognize it and knocked on my son’s bedroom window and asked him to bring my camera.

I must say it was the longest wait I had in a while. I was afraid I am going to miss my opportunity to capture and identify these birds…

My son gave me my camera through his window and I started taking photos hoping that one or two will be in focus. The wind was blowing and it was a challenge but as you will see later I did manage to get a few shots.

Then a big truck passed my house and it scared these beautiful birds away. There were at least 10 that I could count when they flew of…

After I downloaded my photos I got my books out and started searching… I came across a photo of a Red-Faced Mousebird and was surprised. The last time I saw a Mousebird was while I was still living with my parents. We had a breeding pair of Speckled Mousebirdswho came back every year during breeding season and they used to annoy our dogs alot….

Here are the photo’s I could use from this morning….

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