Exploring South Africa town by town: Worcester and surroundings – View from a hill Part 5

Hubby and I went to Worcester one morning very early. It was freezing cold but I wanted to go and take photo’s of the town Worcester…. Well I never got to take any photo’s of the town centre and buildings but I am not complaining I got to capture some beautiful  landscape scenes and also some flowers and plants.

After we visited the Nuy Valley, Butch took us to a small private nature reserve on a hill. The views was stunning and I got to take some beautiful photo’s of the plants. The plan is to go back there in September or October and make a day out of it. There are so many plant species on that hill and I would love to try and photograph them all. For now here are the few I did photograph.

I just love Aloe’s and the orange and yellow went so well with the background.

Worcester_8268 Worcester_8270 Worcester_8273 Worcester_8275 Worcester_8276 Worcester_8277 Worcester_8279 On our way home we decided to skip the toll road and took the detour through Du Toits Kloof Tunnel. This road is very picturistic but due to traffic we did not stop along the road. That will be a trip for another day. Worcester_8283 Worcester_8284 Worcester_8285



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