Exploring South Africa town by town: Worcester and surroundings – View from a hill Part 1

Hubby and I went to Worcester one morning very early. It was freezing cold but I wanted to go and take photo’s of the town Worcester…. Well I never got to take any photo’s of the town centre and buildings but I am not complaining I got to capture some beautiful  landscape scenes and also some flowers and plants.

After we visited the Nuy Valley, Butch took us to a small private nature reserve on a hill. The views was stunning and I got to take some beautiful photo’s of the plants. The plan is to go back there in September or October and make a day out of it. There are so many plant species on that hill and I would love to try and photograph them all. For now here are the few I did photograph.

Worcester_8168 Worcester_8169 Worcester_8176 Worcester_8179 Worcester_8180 Worcester_8182 Worcester_8183 Worcester_8181 Worcester_8174 Worcester_8185 Worcester_8186 Worcester_8188