West Coast National Park 2014: Part 9

Every year between 1 August and 30 September I try to visit the West Coast National Park to capture the flowers, wildlife and landscapes.

As I am posting I am trying to identify the flowers. I am using mostly books by John Manning a botanist at the SA National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town. I am also very privileged to have him on my email list. My husband told him about my love for photographing flowers and he said if I need help identifying them I must just send him an email…. So that is what I am doing first trying to identify it with my books and then if I still can’t identify or I am not sure I’ll send him a photo. So far my track record is quite good. Only one or two that I really don’t know. If for some reason I have not identify a plant don’t worry I will come back and update the post.

Heliophila coronopifolia, Sunflax, Sporrie
Spiloxene, Cape star, Sterretjie
Spiloxene, Cape star, Sterretjie
Lessertia, Balloon Pea, Blaasertjie, Kankerbos
Chasmanthe, Cobra Lily, Piempiempie
Chasmanthe, Cobra Lily, Piempiempie

WCNP_9769 WCNP_9770 WCNP_9772 WCNP_9773 WCNP_9771