Exploring South Africa town by town: Worcester and surroundings – Nuy Valley Part 1

Hubby and I went to Worcester one morning very early. It was freezing cold but I wanted to go and take photo’s of the town Worcester…. Well I never got to take any photo’s of the town centre and buildings but I am not complaining I got to capture some beautiful  landscape scenes and also some flowers and plants.

Hubby had to go and test some rifles and I said I want to go with. To be honest I was afraid of being alone in town with my camera gear. I have to think safety first in this new South Africa. I am a lady with expensive gear  and I am not very strong. That makes me a target. I know this is not what people want to hear but in this day and age one has to face the facts. Crime pays and insurance companies will always have a reason why they are not going to pay…

So off we went to a farm in the  NUY Valley about 30 km from Worcester. My jaw dropped when I saw the Langeberg Mountains reflecting in the water…  When we got to the shooting range I took my camera bag and camera and went exploring.  My hands was freezing but I enjoyed every moment and got some stunning photo’s….

Worcester_7975 Worcester_7981 Worcester_7983 Worcester_7985 Worcester_7988 Worcester_8001 Worcester_8004 Worcester_8006 Worcester_8010 Worcester_8016 Worcester_8018 Worcester_8020Worcester_8051 Worcester_8136 Worcester_8138


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