West Coast National Park 2014: Part 8

Every year between 1 August and 30 September I try to visit the West Coast National Park to capture the flowers, wildlife and landscapes.

As I am posting I am trying to identify the flowers. I am using mostly books by John Manning a botanist at the SA National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town. I am also very privileged to have him on my email list. My husband told him about my love for photographing flowers and he said if I need help identifying them I must just send him an email…. So that is what I am doing first trying to identify it with my books and then if I still can’t identify or I am not sure I’ll send him a photo. So far my track record is quite good. Only one or two that I really don’t know. If for some reason I have not identify a plant don’t worry I will come back and update the post.

Moraea fugax, Soetuintjie
Oxalis purpurea, Grand duchess sorrel,Suring
Heliophila coronopifolia, Sunflax, Sporrie
Moraea minor, Kleintulp
Babiana nana, Bobbejaantjie
Oxalis pes-caprae, Geelsuring
Geelsuring (Oxalis pes-caprae); Sporrie (Heliophila coronopifolia); White rain daisy (Dimorphotheca pluvialis); Magriet (Ursinia anthemoides)
Pelargonium, Malva
Wachendorfia paniculata, Butterfly Lily, Rooikanol


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