Exploring South Africa town by town: Worcester – Kleinplasie Part 2

“Worcester in the Breede River Valley has a rich history covering a time when the region was inhabited by indigenous hunter gatherers and pastoralists followed by trekker farmers and later the introduction of commerce and industrial change.

Owing to its situation in the Breede River Valley the Worcester Museum is a cultural history museum with a strong focus on agriculture. The collections emphasise the Cape colonial history with agricultural implements, wagons, furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles and metal.

The grounds have been developed with structures forming a traditional Cape farm yard. Live demonstrations depict activities of a bygone era such as the baking of bread in an outdoor brick oven and the forging of metal by a blacksmith.

The museum has a well developed educational function offering an annual programme with the focus on traditional farm and household traditions such as the tramping grapes for winemaking, shearing sheep, milking cows and candle making.

The museum is consistently working at establishing and maintaining networks across the community. One of the museum objectives is promoting social harmony and dialogue. Consultative workshops are being held in the Worcester community to gauge the support for new museum interpretations of the development of Worcester and its people.

The community rich in its diversity will hopefully find a common platform at the museum to showcase itself.”

Above information quoted from Worcester Museums page

Here are some photo’s taken on our visit.

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