A Blast from the past… Calvinia to Kraaifontein 2013: Part 16

As we enter the Western Cape at the bottom of the Van Rhyns Pass there is a  abandoned little Farm stall. As we came down the Pass you just saw flowers and before my father could say stop I was already thinking first available safe stop I am stopping…. WOW we had a great time photographing all the plants and flowers. I totally forgot about time and after 45 minutes my mom said she thinks we better be heading home now… We tried to limit our stops to around 10 – 15 minutes but here we just could not stop capturing God’s given treasures to us…. I am so Blessed to have the opportunity to spend so much time capturing His gift to us an the best of all I can share the experience with my Mother and Father. I love them to bits.S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1342 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1343 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1345 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1349 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1350 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1352 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1358 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1360 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1363 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1364 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1367 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1369 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1370 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1372





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