A Blast from the past… Calvinia to Kraaifontein 2013: Part 7

Waterfall a few kilometers outside Nieuwoudtville

We wanted to visit the two nature reserves in Nieuwoudtville, but not either was suited for sedan vehicles at that stage due to the heavy rains… The host at the art gallery told us about the waterfall on route to Loeriesfontein so we headed there instead. I tried capturing it from all angles…

S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1072 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1074 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1077 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1080 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1085 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1086 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1088 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1093 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1096 S-U-C Parks & Flower Tour_1099



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