A Blast from the past… Project 365/365

15  September 2013: Tankwa Karoo National Park


The building opposite Uintjiesbosch was originally a school for white children. The first teacher was Wessel de Lange who lived in the house below the school. The building is well-built with wooden floors and ceilings, a stoep and a full solder. It was also used for meetings of the local Farmers Association. After De Lange left, Japie van der Merwe and his family moved into the house. Christo van Wyk and Hansie Coetzee were the teachers at the now two-man school. Children could go to school until Grade 8. The school later became a school for coloured children and a hostel was built by extending the original teacher’s house and the school catered for both coloured and white children. (Quoted from Tankwa Karoo National Park booklet)

Photo’s taken around the Skooltjie365a 365b 365c 365d


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