Merlicia’s Matricball

MJ00014 MJ00021 MJ00023 MJ00024 MJ00026 MJ00027 MJ00028 MJ00032 MJ00035 MJ00039 MJ00042 MJ00046 MJ00048 MJ00050 MJ00052 MJ00053 MJ00055 MJ00059 MJ00087 MJ00093 MJ00095 MJ00099 MJ000101 MJ000105 MJ000106 MJ000118 MJ000124 MJ000121Merlicia is one of the few girls of Kaapzicht Wine Farm who made it to matric. Merlicia designed her own dress and I hope she takes this further. Both her brothers accompanied her to the ball.

The owners of Kaapzicht was so kind to let me take the photo’s in their personal garden and also in the cellar.

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