Sonskynfees 2015: Kosie Beukes

Kosie Beukes is only 7 years old and he masters 13 instruments already. I had the pleasure to capture this little guy at the Sonskynfees this year. Hope to meet him again someday. Will keep a close eye on his music career. When Shaleen talked to him on stage he said that he  is better than his grandad on the  concertina… Just love this little boys attitude…

Here are some information I got from an  article about Kosie in the Boksburg Advertiser.

“Kosie picked up his first guitar when he was just two years old and even though it was a toy, he would seemingly play along when he heard a song he liked.

“He began playing his first instrument before he was five when his grandfather gave him a box guitar,” says mom.

“I think that was probably the first time my husband and I actually began to realise that our child was gifted.”

After realising that his mother is talking about his musical gift, Kosie quickly stands up and fetches his most recently purchased instrument, the mandolin, looking very eager to play a song.

Appearing delighted to have another chance to show off some of his musicality, he pulls on a few strings as his mother goes on about how he started playing the concertina.

“It was just a matter of months after Kosie first picked up the concertina before he could play at least 15 songs.

“His grandfather showed him how to play only once, and nine days later he was playing an entire song with no assistance,” says Julia.

She says Kosie is usually a very introverted child, but his personality changes once he starts playing an instrument or gets up on stage to perform.

Julia believes that Kosie may be the youngest concertina player in South Africa because, according to her, the youngest concertina player recorded by the Guinness Book of Records is the same age as her son.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


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